The official definitions of Production Managers and Unit Production Managers are quite dry. Not long ago I heard more than once: “This is not my job! “ I rather see things as: „It’s not my job, BUT…!”

If ever there is a job that one does not want to, or is not able to do, then it is a duty of the production manager or the unit production manager to execute it. For the moment, nothing is more important than the fact that director and DOP are able to do their work untroubled.

„Everything is possible“. This is my strong belief. Once, a director called me at four in the afternoon to inform me that we needed a living door mouse for the next morning. “All right!” and I started to find this little blighter. At 7pm I was at my Tango lesson, and the next morning I received the beauty at 05:30 to get it to its shooting call.

Universum documentaries, „And the bus rides on“ , a movie about opera fans, „Kurt Rydl – The Gladiator“ , „Jump!“ , „The flying Dutchman – Fire and Ice“: All these Projects were a great challenge. All of them had their small problems which I considered to be tasks that mostly were resolvable. Some of them completed themselves, through time or circumstances. Wherever I was shooting and will shoot in the future: I always see myself being a guest of whatever set I am on at the time, not the owner of the world.

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