Tango Argentino, Citroen DS, Loft & Design

Growing up in Salzburg together with two older brothers, we had a wonderful childhood with travels to the old Greek, the Roman and the world of Romanic, Gothic, Baroque, Rococo, and Arte Deco up to Modernism. Our holidays were, for a big part, divided into churches and museums, which had been very educating – and is today quite helpful - but at that time it sometimes was torture…

Being fledged, I went to Vienna because of love, and love went somewhere else. I am still here, as long as I am not travelling. Following an ideal, I searched for a loft, and realising quickly that Vienna is the city ofAttic-ateliers , found one and awakened it from its sleeping beauty after seven years of hard work.

I studied at several Universities, but living and the movies were stronger. Often I went to France, where I brought together with my brother one of the most beautiful pieces of automobile history- a Citroen DS. We realised quickly that Roland Barthes was more than right in his “Myths of daily live”: Whoever drives a DS almost never has the chance to see its beauty passing by. Our solution was pragmatic: We bought a second one.

One beautiful day, a friend of mine took me to a Tango course. The friend left the Tango, but I stayed. Production management for three documentaries at the same time obliged me to take at least 90 minutes time out - Tangolesson came just right for me and it is one of the most beautiful ways to step out of daily life for a while. Until today I am truly fallen for the Tango Argentino

The world is too beautiful to wear black. This world needs colors!