„It´s not JUST another project…“

 The "Anything Goes production" is at disposal for local and foreign productions in content, research, as well as the efficient execution of projects.

Documentaries became to be my favorite – experience with TV series, image and feature films is given as well. Additionally I can offer the necessary network, both domestically and in the near and far abroad.

I speak English and French fluently, "Does not work" does not exist in my vocabulary. I love challenges and solve the tasks set to me with joy and (if necessary) in a very creative way.

My path might be best described by the famous phrase “learning by doing” During my studies, I worked frequently in the field of set design construction from a small fringe theatres in Vienna to being a fully responsible Stage Manager at the Summer Festival in Klosterneuburg. 

Growing up with an architect and teacher for construction, furniture style science and freehand drawing as a father has helped me a lot. In long hours of intensive work I "created" a studio apartment, which has also come to serve as a set for various productions. I have always enjoyed traveling and got to spend a lot of time in France where I not only learned the language but also got to know and appreciate the country and it's people and learned, there and all over the planet, very well to understand that there is different mentalities to cooperate with.